Once our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons, they are ready to take their new-found confidence and skills to a deeper level, on the Butterflyette Programme.

Over twelve weeks, participants are challenged to create their own project or product idea to provide a solution to a personal or social problem in their area. This could be an issue involving the environment or personal safety, or loneliness and connectivity – wherever Butterflyettes think there is a need.

Through training and self-reflection, participants are enabled to create something which will benefit both them and their communities, so they can become a community ambassador, mentor and/or a social impact leader, and hopefully, be taken under the wing of another female business leader as a result.


The Butterflyette Programme focuses on empowering girls and young women in a different way, enabling them to learn and gain more confidence in:


Body language, speaking, listening and how to hold yourself


How to talk about yourself and others and dressing for an interview


Developing a passion or idea, such as making jewellery, beauty, design, fashion, blogging

Creating a storyboard

Bringing an idea to life through drawn, written or spoken presentation

Market Research

What already exists? What do competitors offer? Why do people need this project, product or solution?

Make it

Create a prototype or example of the self-discovery project/item

We hope that once our Butterflyettes have left us, they are taken under another’s wings, to bring their ideas to life and ensure they continue to fly.