About Us

“Everyone has a gift, and the right to opportunities to unlock, nurture and express their gifts.”

– The Gifted team.

Since 2013 we’ve been supporting young people to unlock their potential, build confidence and skills, and raise their aspirations and self-belief using interactive workshops, technology and podcasting.

We focus on children and young people who are affected by disadvantage. This includes those in care, leaving care or custody, at risk of exclusion, young parents, survivors and those experiencing domestic abuse or sexual exploitation, and those at risk of offending, exclusion or sexual exploitation, as well as those young people who are showing signs that they are not reaching their full potential due to self esteem and self confidence issues.

We deliver our exciting and unique range of programmes in schools, colleges, alternative education settings, community settings and anywhere that needs us!

Our projects and approach help children and young people develop key skills that they will need for the future, focusing on:


Healthy relationships


Self esteem

Staying positive


Problem solving

Aiming high


Team working

Presentation skills and public speaking

Listening and understanding

Being creative

So far, we have supported over 3,000 people to find their gifts. We feel honoured to have been able to share this discovery with them, as each gift is truly something to treasure.


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