Leaving Care

According to research published by Become, a high proportion (1/3) of children enter the care system aged four or under, and one in ten can experience three or more placements over a year. Unfortunately, a comparatively high proportion of care levers are not in employment, education or training by 19, and are far more likely to experience poor emotional wellbeing, lack of self esteem, identity issues, lack of support networks, and will find it harder to form healthy relationships.


We want the day that young people leave care to be celebrated as a huge milestone in terms of independence and a leap into a new life.


Building on our highly successful Butterfly Project, our Leaving Care Programme has been put together to give young women the practical skills to take them forward and enable them to make the right choices for their future.

The Leaving Care Programme involves many topics which affect care leavers, including:



Health and Wellbeing

Future Prospects

Healthy Relationships


Meal Planning

Taking place over 16-20 weeks, the programme can be delivered in groups or one-to-one, depending on what would work best for the young person. It can also be adapted and tailored to meet their specific needs, to make the transition into leaving care as successful as possible.